Native Exchange Booth

Native Exchange Booth Space 

We have exciting news to share about the 35th annual Red Earth Festival, and invite you to join us as a Native Exchange Vendor June 11-13, 2021 at the spectacular Events Center at the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort.

The Grand Event Center is a tribally owned business, and is just minutes from downtown Oklahoma City on I-40. We know you will be pleased with our new Festival location at this beautiful property!

INFORMATION BOOTH SPACE is available for service, tribal and non-profit organizations that provide service or work with our tribal members and communities. Exhibits should focus on tribal enterprises, education, health, cultural events/activities, museums, historic sites, employment opportunities and services. Exhibitors are limited to distribution of informational and promotional items at these booths.

SUPPLIER BOOTH SPACE may only sell materials or supplies used in the creation of dancer regalia, cultural art components, and fine art. Such items include but are not limited to beads, fringe, bells, shells, real/imitation bone or teeth, cloth and hides. Sales of manufactured items, plastic toys or trinkets are not allowed.

For more information contact the Red Earth office (405) 427-5228 or [email protected]