Festival Winners

2020 Dana & Terry Brown Grand Award Winner (Best of Show)

Lauretta Newby-Coker (Choctaw), "Like a Rock" - Cut Stained Glass 

President's Award

Linda Kukuk (Choctaw), "Crow in Moonlight" - Scratchwork on Clayboard

Kathleen Everett Upshaw Award

Yonavea Hawkins
(Caddo),  "Red Star" - Beadwork

Awards by Division

       Cultural Items

    • 1st:: Nelda Schrupp (Pheasnt rump Nakota First Nation), "Missing and Murdered Spirit Honor Dress"
    • 2nd:: Renee Hoover (Cherokee), "My Hidden Treasure"
    • 3rd:: Yonavea Hawkins (Caddo), "Sunahtiti Turtle"


    • 1st::  Jon Tiger (Muscogee Creek), "A Little Bird Told Me"
    • 2nd:: Linda Kukuk (Choctaw), "Night Patrol"
    • 3rd:: Dylan Cavin (Choctaw), "Field Mouse"

Diversified Artwork

    • 1st::  Stuart Sampson (Citizen Potawatomi), "On the Horizon 15"
    • 2nd:: Anita Caldwell Jackson (Echota Cherokee), "Seven Clans of the Cherokee"
    • 3rd:: Daniel Worcester (Chickasaw), "Miniature Fighting Knife "

Contemporary Jewelry

    • 1st::  Ray "Duck" Garcia (San Felipe Pueblo) "Messengers  of the Sea"
    • 2nd:: Abraham Begay (Navajo) "Bugle Bead Necklace" 
    • 3rd::  Clancy Gary (Osage), "Elegant Ring and Bacelet"

Traditional Jewelry

    • 1st::  Abraham Begay (Navajo), "Concho Belt"
    • 2nd:: Toney Mitchell (Navajo/Dine), "Blue Malachite Bolo"
    • 3rd:: Abraham Begay (Navajo), "Inlaid Necklace"

Painting, Oil/Acrylic

    • 1st:: Michael McCullough (Choctaw), "Colors of Southwest"
    • 2nd:: Gary Montgomery (Seminole), "Spirit Guardians" 
    • 3rd:: Dylan Cavin (Choctaw), "McCurtain County"

Painting, Water-based

    • 1st::  Jon Tiger (Muscogee Creek), "Life Partners"
    • 2nd:: Derek No-Sun Brown (Shoshone-Bannock, Klamath Ojibwe), "5 Horseman" 
    • 3rd::  Michael McCullough (Choctaw), "Twilight Moon"


    • 1st::  Monica Lovato (San Felipe/Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Resilliance"
    • 2nd:: Karin Walkingstick (Cherokee), "Dewdops"