A Focus on Education

"Who made the totem poles?"  "What's a katsina doll?" These are some of the questions you might hear shooting through the Red Earth Art Center as students explore the exhibits. 

When the Red Earth Art Center reopens in the Fall of 2021 you might want to schedule your visit

A visit to the new Red Earth Art Center  will entail an approximate 45 minute to 1 hour self-guided tour. Lesson Plans to help you before you visit will be available on this site. Don't forget to download the Scavenger Hunt prior to your visit to Red Earth.

The new Red Earth Art Center will be for learners of all ages. When the art center opens in early 2021 we ask that you schedule your group visit by calling 405-427-5228. We require at least one (1) adult chaperone for every eight (8) students.

You can still schedule class activities & classes

Even though the Art Center is temporarily closed we can still arrange for special group classes and programs with advance notice. An artist honorarium will be required.