Ask the Expert

Get answers about your Native Art & Jewelry during
Red Earth Festival 'Ask the Expert' Sessions 

Are you interested in learning more about the Native American artwork, jewelry, and artifacts in your private collections at
home? The popular "Ask the Expert" session at Red Earth returns to the 34th Annual Red Earth Festival Saturday, June 5 from 1-3 pm. with expert evaluations of your possessions.

Have your treasures evaluated by a panel of Experts knowledgeable in:

  • Beadwork
  • Basketry
  • Pottery
  • Cultural Items
  • Jewelry
  • Paintings
  • Rugs
  • Blankets

Some of the leading experts in Native art and collectibles will be available to offer opinion and evaluation, but will not provide a monetary value estimate.

Evaluations are free with paid admission to the Festival. Guests may bring up to three items for review.