RE Marketing Alliance

Red Earth Marketing Alliance

Red Earth is introducing a new marketing opportunity for artists, events, museums and organizations interested in promoting Native arts to an audience who appreciates tribal art, history and culture.

This new co-operative marketing program provides a cost-effective way to reach thousands with your message at an affordable cost. Red Earth currently has several marketing opportunities available now.


Numerous opportunities are available for purchase each month. Reach the thousands of individuals who click on the Red Earth website each month to learn more about the annual Red Earth Festival and the special events, classes and exhibits offered at the Red Earth Art Center throughout the year.

Homepage Rotator

Four rotating Tiles on the Red Earth Homepage are available each month. Participants can include art festivals, museums, native events, related retail stores and artists. Participants can provide artwork for their tile or Red Earth will create for you. Each tile includes a photo and a link to your website.

COST: $500 per month

Interior Page/Artists

Up to 12 individual artist pages are available. Each page includes photos of your artwork, a brief bio and a link to your website.

COST: $100 per month


Showcase your art on digital billboards in Edmond, Choctaw and Norman with the potential to reach thousands of people every day. Rotating images on each billboard means your message is displayed hundreds of times each day. Your message will be displayed 27,600 times during the course of the 34 day run promoting the Red Earth Festival, May 9 through June 11, 2017.

COST: $400

Print Media

Red Earth provides you an opportunity to display your art in some of the Nation's most prestigious Native and western art magazines. Red Earth will share space with up to three partners. Magazines include:

Southwest Art Magazine

Fall/Winter/Summer 2017 only. Half page ad. COST: $300 per partner/issue

Western Art & Architecture

June/July, Aug/Sept only. One-third page ad. COST:  $300 per partner/issue

First American Art Magazine

Winter/Summer/Fall only. Half page ad. COST: $150 per partner/issue