2018 Festival Winners

2018 Red Earth Grand Award Winner (Best of Show)

Ron Mitchell (Cherokee), "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness" - Painting

President's Award

Nelda Schrupp (Pheasant Rump Nakota), "Lulil Bag" - Jewelry

Kathleen Everett Upshaw Award

Tonya June Rafael (Navajo),  "Sterling Silver Purse" - Jewelry

Awards by Division


    • 1st::  Yonavea Hawkins (Caddo/Delaware)," Delaware Rose"
    • 2nd:: Les Berryhill (Creek), "Spirit of the River"
    • 3rd::  Yonavea Hawkins (Caddo/Delaware), "Lightning Storm"

Clothing, Textiles, Weaving

    • 1st::  Alberta Henderson (Navajo), "Ganado Red"
    • 2nd:: Alberta Henderson (Navajo), "Two Grey Hills"
    • 3rd:: Nancy Jones Boyett (Kiowa/Shawnee), "Buffalo Vest" 

       Cultural Items

    • 1st:: Daniel Worcester (Chickasaw), "Purple Sky"
    • 2nd:: Nelda Schrupp (Pheasant Rump Nakota), "War Spear Dance Stick"
    • 3rd:: Renee Hoover (Cherokee), "Hidden in Plain Sight"


    • 1st::  Dylan Cavin (Choctaw), "Know All Men by These Deals"
    • 2nd:: Jon Tiger (Muscogee "Creek"), "Spiro Celebration"
    • 3rd:: Linda Kukuk (Choctaw), "Beauty"

Diversified Artwork

    • 1st:: Lauretta Newby-Coker (Choctaw), "Searching for Happiness Within"
    • 2nd:: Anita Caldwell Jackson (Echota Cherokee), "Buffalo Tea Party"
    • 3rd::  Daniel Worcester (Chickasaw), "Up Around the Bend"

Contemporary Jewelry

    • 1st::  Jolene Bird (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Cleopatra Inlay Necklace"
    • 2nd:: Ray Garcia (San Felipe Pueblo), "Fire in the Ripple -Set"
    • 3rd::  Joseph Coriz (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Butterfly Nectar"

Traditional Jewelry

    • 1st::  Clifton Aquilara (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Melon Shell Necklace"
    • 2nd:: Jolene Bird (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Traditional Necklace"
    • 3rd:: Joseph Coriz (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Pueblo Wedding Necklace"

Painting, Oil/Acrylic

    • 1st:: Micqaela Jones (Te-Moak Western Shoshone), "Hold 'Er There"
    • 2nd:: Dylan Cavin (Choctaw), "Sunset Profile"
    • 3rd:: Amado Pena (Pascua-Yaqui), Homenaje A Dos Amigos)

Painting, Water-based

    • 1st::  Derek No-Sun Brown (Shoshone-Bannock), "The Cowboy"
    • 2nd:: Lauretta Newby-Coker (Choctaw), "Perhaps in the Spring"
    • 3rd::  Linda Kukuk (Choctaw), "Jicarilla Apache Girl"

Traditional Pottery

    • 1st::  Chase Kahwinhut Earles (Caddo), "Batch Hahua Alligator Effigy Bottle"
    • 2nd:: Jeri Redcorn (Caddo), "Caddo Warrior"
    • 3rd:: Jacqueline Shutivia Montano (Pueblo of Acoma), "Large Vase with Painted Members Design"

Contemporary Pottery

    • 1st:: Chase Kahwinhut Earles (Caddo), "Reuniting Bonds"
    • 2nd:: Karen Walkingstick (Cherokee), "Grandma's Garden II"
    • 3rd:: Jacqueline Shutivia Montano (Pueblo of Acoma), "Jar with Bear Fetish"


    • 1st::  Gene "Iron Man" Smith (Sioux/Choctaw), "3D Sculpture 12"
    • 2nd:: Tommy Roe Mitchell (Cherokee), "Dance of the Phoenix"
    • 3rd:: Clancy Gray (Osage), "Bandarves"