2017 Festival Winners

2017 Red Earth Grand Award Winner (Best of Show)

Alberta Henderson (Navajo) "Yodi Nizohon" - Diversified Artform

President's Award

Benson Manygoats (Navajo) "Bolo" - Jewelry

Kathleen Everett Upshaw Award

Gene Smith (Sioux/Choctaw)  "Thunder" - Sculpture

Awards by Division


    • 1st::  Connie Hart Yellowman (Cheyenne), "Cabernet Medallion Necklace"
    • 2nd:: Les Berryhill (Creek), "Dancing Beauty"
    • 3rd::  Yonavea Hawkins (Caddo/Delaware), "Peace Eagle"

Clothing, Textiles, Weaving

    • 1st::  Alberta Henderson (Navajo), "Yei Gods of Many Colors"
    • 2nd:: Brihilda Coriz (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Shirt for all Occasion"

Cultural Items

    • 1st:: A. Wayne "Taysha" Earles (Caddo), "I-bati-hi-nin" Grandfather Thunder
    • 2nd:: Paul Hacker (Choctaw), "Monarch of the Plains"
    • 3rd:: John Timothy (Muscogee Creek), "The Beat is in the Feet"


    • 1st::  Daniel Worcester (Chickasaw), "The Crow"
    • 2nd:: Jim Van Deman (Delaware), "Mandola"
    • 3rd:: Anthony Lovato (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "The Hunt"


    • 1st:: Lester Harragarra (Otoe-Missouria) "Numunuu"
    • 2nd:: Mary Beth Timothy (Cherokee), "The Gatherer"
    • 3rd::  Amada Pena (Pascua/Yaqui), "Mestizo Series? Paseo de los Bisontes"

Contemporary Jewelry

    • 1st::  Abraham Begay (Navajo) "Contemporary Squash Blossom Necklace"
    • 2nd:: Nelson Garcia (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "White Buffalo Set"
    • 3rd::  Fortune Huntinghorse (Wichita), "Flower Hatband"

Traditional Jewelry

    • 1st::  Clifton Aquilara (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Gray Baby Olive Shell Heshi"
    • 2nd:: Jolene Bird (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Inlayed LongHorn Necklace"
    • 3rd:: Clifton Aquilara (Santo Domingo Pueblo), "Multi Color Necklace with Silver Box Pendent"

Painting, Oil/Acrylic

    • 1st:: Victoria McKinney (Echota Cherokee), "Buffalo Trace"
    • 2nd:: Michael McCullough (Choctaw), "Badger Kachina"
    • 3rd:: Starr Hardridge (Muscogee Creek), "Micco in New York 1790"

Painting, Watercolor

    • 1st::  Ron Mitchell (Cherokee), "Fast Food"
    • 2nd:: Gordon Yellowman (Cheyenne), "Cheyenne Painter Warrior"
    • 3rd::  Michael McCullough (Choctaw), "Taos Pueblo

Traditional Pottery

    • 1st::  Jeri Redcorn (Caddo), "Nuh Kaoshun"
    • 2nd:: Chase Kahwinhut Earls (Caddo), "Kin-ee'see" Canadian River

Contemporary Pottery

    • 1st:: Carolyn Bernard Young (Choctaw), "A Warrior's Prayer"
    • 2nd:: Melvin Cornshucker (Cherokee), "Batey Creek Visitors"
    • 3rd:: Karin Walkingstick (Cherokee), "Daisy Jar"


    • 1st::  Tom Farris (Otoe/Cherokee), "Emergency 49"
    • 2nd:: Carolyn Bernard Young (Choctaw), "Healing Magic of a Teacher"
    • 3rd:: Debbe Edwards (Cherokee), "From the Thicket"