Pat McAllister

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Eureka Springs, AR
Tel: 479-253-5353
Echota Cherokee

About Pat McAllister

Pat McAllister lives and paints in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

"I try to find beauty in a world that is sometimes not so beautuful," she says. "The world of the Native American has gone through many changes, some good, some bad. It is best to look for the good.
"When overwhelmed, the Native American has always been able to reach inside himself for dignity, pride and Strength," she added. "This reflection of inner strength is what I seek to capture in my paintings."
Born and raised in Louisiana, Pat began painting at a very young age; her talents passed on by her mother, Mina McKaskle, a watercolor artist. Pat "grew up" in her Mother's studio and never considered any other career other than artist. Her Cherokee heritage came from her father. She is a member of the Echota Cherokee Tribe centered in Alabama.
She received her Fine Arts Degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Afte graduation, she and her husband moved to Europe, where Pat continued to study during the 11 yedars she spent overseas.
Pat uses her family and friends as models, which she places in historical settings. Her purpose is to make the viewer feel like they are actually there with those people, in tht setting.
Pat and her husband, Joe, travel all over the United States doing Native American Art Shows. They also own Cherokee Mountain Gallery in Eureka Springs.