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About Ron Mitchell

Award winning artist Ron Mitchell, a member of the Cherokee Nation, has been a fixture around Native American art shows for decades. He was born in Ft. Benning Georgia on December 25, 1943, and raised on many different military bases in the United States and Germany. He spent many summers with his Cherokee grandmother whose stories and legends of the Cherokee people inspired him and still influence his art today.

Ron was an outstanding art student, wining many awards through his school years. After a year in college and a tour in the Air Force, Ron spent several years as a technical illustrator before entering the world of professional art in 1971.
Since that first show, the artist has made his living as a professional artist who is always ready to help others. Through demonstrations and being a mentor to numerous beginning artists, he has shared his knowledge and experience. From 1988 through 2013 he was a member of the IACA (Indian Arts & Crafts Association), creating for members and the public, publications on "Doing Business with Art Galleries," a video and updated information brochures. He was also a board member 1998-99, 2012-13 and was a nine time finalist for IACA 'Indian Artist of the Year."
The prolific artist's style has evolved over the years, instinctively painting, drawing and sculpting about his heritage. Through his paintings, he uses the full spectrum of colors, despite being red-green colorblind, to create images that incorporates history by telling a story that resonates with Cherokees and art collectors alike.
Dreaming his dreams and thinking of the old ways, his artwork is the result of a lot of reasarch and hard work. Today, he is passing this experience and knowledge down to his granddaughter; artwork that is as modern as today, but drawn from inspirations that link to the past.