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About Nadia Littlewarrior

Nadiya Littlewarrior was born in Kansas City, Mo. and moved to Texas with her mother, Lucille Ellis, at the age of three. Lu is an award-winning artist and afforded Nadiya the benefit of a very creative atmosphere complete with all the art supplies to fill a child’s heart.  Nadiya says that her talent comes from, “The Creator and Mom.”

Growing up on a cattle ranch in the South West Texas Panhandle didn’t hurt. Says Littlewarrior, “I could stand in the middle of the yard, turn a complete circle and see nothing but horizon in all four directions!  This made a very large space for listening and talking to Creator and Mother Earth.”  At 15, when Nadiya moved to San Angelo, Texas to live with her maternal grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. John O. Whipple, a Potawatomi woman and a Cherokee man…these grandparents instilled in her the importance of a thoughtful, discerning life.  Her paternal Grandfather, Bird Buzan, was a full blood Native man born on a reservation in Kansas, was believed to be Sauk/Fox.

Nadiya studied art academically in Texas, Oklahoma, and California as well as private studies with various artists.  Four times her people of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation have honored this award-winning artist, known for her gourds around the world.  She has been invited and accepted to exhibit her art at the following prestigious locations: Southwest Museum, Antelope Valley Indian Museum, Satwiwa Native American Culture Center & Museum, Mallard Sheets Gallery, William S. Hart Park & Museum, The City of Lancaster Fine Arts Museum and the Tongva Nation’s new Haramokngna Culture Center.  Both the Southwest Museum and the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage have sold Nadiya’s art in the museum gift stores.

Her husband, John Davis inspired the name of her company, SPIRIT VESSELS STUDIO, reminding her that the best way to come up with a name would be to dream on it, as her ancestors do. Nadiya says, “They are Spirit Vessels to me because The Creator makes the Gourd People and puts their spirit in them and I get to dress them with regalia.”  Spirit Vessels was dreamed into being in 1993. With a history in art and a distinctively Potawatomi Cherokee heritage, Nadiya Littlewarrior is one of today’s most dedicated artist’s of contemporary Native American Art.  Her collectors span the world from China to Spain and include such people as Dr. Joyce Brothers and actress Jennifer Tilly.