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Norman, OK
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About Patta LT

Patta LT is Choctaw and grew up in McAlester. She is a descendent of Chief Terry Saul (Choctaw/Chickasaw), who served as director of the Bacone College Art Department in Muskogee.

Patta LT began her career in the 1980s as a jeweler making leather and chrome beaded necklaces and belts. Patta first participated in the Red Earth Festival in 1988 – the second year of the event.  Soon afterward, Patta and several other Oklahoma artists started carpooling to art shows around the area. Brothers Charlie and Harvey Pratt, Paul Hacker, Gina Gray and Mike Larson were some of the artists she travelled with early in their careers.

In 1990, she introduced a new label “Patta LT,” a more contemporary, tailored line of clothing geared toward professional women. She was asked to design a line of clothing with Native American roots that could be worn to work with “high heels.” Her clothing designs were featured that year in the Fashion Drums of Red Earth fashion show. During that time, Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller commissioned her to create an original design to wear to President Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Gala.

“I have been creating art all of my life and have been selling my art professionally for over 30 years,” said Patta LT. “I consider myself to be a textile/wearable art artist,” she said. “My current joy is painting scarves and sarongs.” Like other Native American clothing designers and artists, Patta LT feels strongly about preserving time-honored traditions. “Traditionally, the role of Native women was as designers and carriers of traditions. They were the ones who created the clothing for their husbands and for their families,” she said.

Patta and her husband, Dennis, live in Norman.