Paul Hacker

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Oklahoma City, OK
Tel: 307-413-7285

About Paul Hacker

Paul is a native Oklahoman. He is Choctaw/Cherokee. He is a believer in keeping alive Native American

artistic traditional skills and cultural heritage. Paul meticulously handcrafts traditional plains Indian

flutes, custom knives, and replicates historical Native American pottery. His most recent undertaking

is ledger art, taking inspiration from St. Augustine where the Cheyenne Native Americans were held


A winner of over 170 prestigious awards and honors, Paul is a 1992-1993 award winner with the

Smithsonian institution – National Museum of the American Indian. His music and flutes have

been purchased by the Smithsonian and collectors around the world. He has recorded 7 full length

soundtracks. Paul has delighted audiences all over with his meditative and meaningful flute music.

Paul’s work has been viewed in many prestigious exhibitions, galleries, and museums.

All flutes, knives, and pottery come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity