Art Competition Award Winners

2014 AT&T Grand Award Winner (Best of Show)

Chase Kahwinhut Earles (Caddo)
"Kahwis Bahbateno" (Red River Bowl) - Pottery

President's Award

Nelda Schrupp (Pheasant Rump Nakota)
"Bandolier" - Jewelry

Kathleen Everett Upshaw Award

Karin Walkingstick (Cherokee) 
"Birds of a Feather" - Pottery

Awards by Division


1st::  Mary Aitson (Cherokee), "Vines of Tradition"
2nd:: Vivian Garner-Cottrell (Cherokee), "Trade Basket"
3rd::  Ronda Talbert Moss (Cherokee), "Nestled Together"


1st::  Connie Hart Yellowman (Cheyenne), "Beaded Medallion"
2nd:: Les Berryhill (Creek), "Beaded Fish - The One That Got Away"
3rd::  Yonavea Hawkins (Caddo, Delaware), "Hasinay Princess"

Clothing, Textiles, Weaving

1st::  Tahnee Ahtone Harjo (Kiowa), "Growing Thunder Dress"
2nd:: Tyra Shackleford (Chickasaw), "Fingerwoven Belt with Beads"
3rd::  Refina Canyon (Navajo/Dine), "Two Gray Hills"

Cultural Items, Utilitarian

1st:: Jim Van Deman (Delaware), "American Indian Flute"
2nd:: Paul Hacker (Choctaw), "Knife"
3rd:: Vivian Garnerl-Cottrell (Cherokee), "Serving Basket"

Cultural Items, Diversified

1st:: Anita Caldwell Jackson (Echota Cherokee), "The Birth of Corn"
2nd:: Jim Van Deman (Delaware), "Hand Drum Banjo"
3rd:: Daniel Worcester (Chickasaw), "The Patriot"

Drawings & Graphics

1st::  Linda Kukuk (Choctaw), "Eddie Two-Clouds"
2nd:: Paul Hacker (Choctaw), "Ledger Art"
3rd::  Lester Harragarra (Otoe-Missouria/Kiowa), "Our Spirits Rise"

Contemporary Jewelry

1st::  Nelson Garcia (Kewa/Santo Domingo Pueblo), "White Buffalo" necklace set
2nd:: Ernest Benally (Navajo), "Bear Journey"
3rd::  Clancy Gray (Osage), "Tranquility"

Traditional Jewelry

1st::  Ray O. Garcia (San Felipe Pueblo), "Journey of the Corn"
2nd:: Lester Ortiz (Navajo), "Sacred Leather Fan"
3rd:: Mark Stevens (Laguna Pueblo), "MDS Bolo"

Painting, Oil/Acrylic

1st:: Matt Bearden (Citizen Potawatomi), "Governor Joe"
2nd:: Ryan Lee Smith (Cherokee/Choctaw), "Bonafide"
3rd:: Amado Pena (Pasqua/Yaqui), Unitled Landscape

Painting, Water-Based

1st::  Gilmore Scott (Dine (Navajo) ), "Woven Together, Together Woven"
2nd:: Brenda Kennedy Grummer (Citizen Potawatomi), Oklahoma Serenade"
3rd::  James Black (Cheyenne Arapaho), "Kit Fox"


1st:: Lester Harragarra (Otoe-Missouria/Kiowa), "Grassdancer"
2nd:: James Wallace (Choctaw), "Aztec Dancer"
 Peggy Fontenot (Patawomeck/Potawatomi), "Urban Chiefs"

Traditional Pottery

1st::  Jeri Redcorn (Caddo/Potawatomi), "Intertwining Scrolls-Daho"
2nd:: LuAnne Aragon (Laguna Pueblo), "From the Ashes"
3rd::  LuAnne Aragon (Laguna Pueblo), "To Hold the Corn Meal"

Contemporary Pottery

1st:: Mel Cornshucker (Cherokee), "Buffalo Night"
2nd:: Karin Walkingstick (Cherokee), "Crazy Wind
3rd:: Jeri Redcorn (Caddo/Potawatomi), "Nuh Kaoshun"


1st::  Troy Anderson (Cherokee N.E. Alabama), "The Raven"
2nd:: Kelly Byars (Seminole), "Ahoyo Himmit Ami Oka (Young Woman Brings Water)"
3rd:: Enoch Kelly Haney (Seminole), "Unconquerable Spirit"